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This is an application for a conditional use.  The form must be completed in accordance with directions on the accompanying instructions and filed with the Zoning Administrator at 322 S Forest, Douglass, Kansas 67039 or Fax: 316-747-3159 or email

The customer requests the City of Douglass to supply water, sewer and trash at the address given below and agrees to use and pay for the service rendered and water consumed at this address or any previous or subsequent address in accordance with the schedule of rates published tor the class of se ...see more

As per code of the City of Douglass, Chapter 2, Article 1, Section 2-124: Permit required. No persons or household shall own or harbor permitted chickens without having obtained a permit from the City Clerk. 

Permits must be renewed annually before January 31st. 

Initial ...see more

Online payment to pay for services

Note: There is a 2.5% Service Fee for paying online

Use this form to report a concern and we will be in contact. After your submission, you will be able to communicate with the city in your profile.

Application for a dog license in the City of Douglass. Must fill out all fields in order to be considered.

Building Permit Application used for Roofing, Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical 

All vendor permits must be requested at least 1 Business Day Prior no permits will be given after 5 pm on Friday or a City Holiday. 

A photo ID is required to be submitted at the time of application for each salesperson. 

Application for Zoning Permit and Occupancy Certificate

Required for the Following:

1. Fence, privacy, chain link, or picket need a zoning per ...see more